Duration & Study Mode:
Full time, Part time, Evening & Weekends, Virtual online

Duration & Study Mode: 5 Days training & 6 months access


Course Overview

Duration & Study Mode:
Full time, Part time, Evening & Weekends, Virtual online

Duration: 5 Days training & 6 months access Including hands-on project training

Many marketers have a difficult time marketing their products and struggle to get the word out about their products. This is why it’s so important for businesses to invest in marketing programs that will help them find new customers. There are many different ways to market your products, including social media campaigns or advertising on Google Adwords – but this training will focus on hands-on approach that teach you how to market your own product!

The Ultimate Product Marketing Hands-on Course is an intensive course that teaches people proven methods of marketing their own product. The content covers everything from social media strategies like Facebook ads and YouTube videos, all the way up to more traditional forms of advertising like billboards and radio commercials.

You will also learn:

  • The best way to choose a marketing channel
  • What goes into executing your plan in each individual marketing channel so you can get the mos marketing
  • The process behind deciding which channels are right for your particular situation – i.e., considering company size/mission/resources as well retail vs off-line online available
  • The steps for implementing the chosen strategy
  • How to measure success and track progress.

This course is ideal for people at all levels of experience, from beginners who want an overview of what they need to know about product-market strategies, up to those that have been successfully building successful brands for years but want some new ideas on how to improve their results. This class works with any type of business – if you’re selling your own product or someone else’s!

What will you get:

  • Work on multiple hands-on projects with your mentor
  • This course will also provide you free access to thousands of self-paced course here 
  • Work on multiple assignments including an interview preparation (if required)
  • Access to our resource library
  • Join our community of other students in your area of study
  • Work with your mentor until you feel confident.



Senior product marketing manager

 Marketing Manager

Corporate Group Training

Individual Training

Why Choose Us?

Intensive Training

You will get up to 4 weeks of intensive training (5 days for Corporate training), to ensure you understand your subject area.

Real time project training

You will work with an industry lead instructoon real projects to ensure you get practical experience

Interview Training

If required you will have live training on getting your interview, allowing you the best chances to get a job.

Hands-on Training

We pride ourselves on providing the best hands-on approach to training. This will allow you to work with others to understand your subject area.

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