Leading Change

Duration & Study Mode:
Full time, Part time, Evening and Weekends, Virtual online

Duration & Study Mode: 5 Days training & 6 months access


Course Overview

Duration & Study Mode:
Full time, Part time, Evening & Weekends, Virtual online

Duration: 5 Days training & 6 months access Including hands-on project training

Leading others through change is a key leadership competency and has become an even more crucial skillset as the rate of change continues to accelerate in today’s business landscape. When leaders have this important capability, organizations and teams are able to accelerate change initiatives and involve the entire organization in driving and sustaining important transformations that will ensure the organization’s long-term success.

UDesign’s Leading Change training is a one-of-a-kind learning experience because it focuses on the specific skills leaders need to:

  • Develop their own resiliency, capacity, and composure when change occurs.
  • Manage the people side of change—including creating stability, communicating with clarity, sharing a compelling vision, setting expectations, and engaging others in the transformation process.

The learning experience does not focus on the mechanics of change management. Instead, it addresses the often-missing piece of change: the mindset and behaviors leaders need to lead themselves and others effectively and efficiently through a period of transition.

The practical and systematic methods and tools explored in the training enable leaders to successfully navigate resistance and close the gap between where they are now and where they want or need to be so the transition can become a competitive advantage for them, their team, and the organization. In addition to learning about how to lead people through organizational change, the training also introduces concepts about how a leader can drive and orchestrate productive and necessary change within their own team and areas of responsibility.

Objectives & Outcomes

The program is an ideal solution for leaders at all levels of an organization who need the skills to lead change within the organization, a workgroup, or a team. In the training, participants will:

  • Build their awareness about internal and external forces of change.
  • Learn about their role in and a process for helping people who are change-averse, change-tolerant, and change-seekers through periods of transition.
  • Explore common responses to change and how to manage the stages of change while modeling resiliency for others.
  • Discover how to create an environment where people are drivers of productive change and receptive and resilient when change occurs.
  • Identify important changes that need to be made and focus change efforts on the things that will positively shape the organization’s future.
  • Explore strategies for successfully communicating changes, managing ambiguity, collaborating with others on solutions to challenges, and coaching people through the implementation and sustainability process.


    Our Approach

    The Leading Change intensive training course is built around an application-focused approach that provides leaders with opportunities to apply the core skills and tools to real initiatives and begin exploring strategies to sustain momentum with current changes while building a climate that is positioned for future change.

    In addition to a robust application process, this dynamic and engaging learning experience includes the following elements:

    • An engaging simulation
    • Self-assessment
    • Case studies and examples
    • A practical framework and core concepts
    • Facilitator and peer feedback
    • Self-reflection and discovery
    • Guides and tools

    Throughout the training, participants draw on the experience of others as they learn best practices and work on personalized action plans.

    Our training comprises of:

    • Hands-on practical training;
    • Live one to one zoom meeting with your trainer and mentor;
    • Gain e-work experience by working on loads of different projects to ensure you gain e-work experience;
    • Get access to thousand’s of self-paced courses;
    • Join our community with other students of your area of study;
    • Get access to teams and basecamp for your e-work training;
    • Your mentor will work with you until you are confident, or until you get a job;


Change Manager

Change Analyst

Corporate Group Training

Individual Training


Small Groups

With small groups of students, our instructors can work closely with each student.

Flexible Class Schedules

Our class schedules are flexible on weekdays, weekend, or evenings to suit your schedule.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors follow a modified are personalized approach to engage students during class

Hi-Tech Lab Facilities

Our students can access our lab facilities anytime for practical experience during and after studies.

Why Choose Us?

Intensive Training

You will get up to 4 weeks of intensive training (5 days for Corporate training), to ensure you understand your subject area.

Real time project training

You will work with an industry lead instructoon real projects to ensure you get practical experience

Interview Training

If required you will have live training on getting your interview, allowing you the best chances to get a job.

Hands-on Training

We pride ourselves on providing the best hands-on approach to training. This will allow you to work with others to understand your subject area.

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