Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Essentials

Duration & Study Mode:
Full time, Part time, Evening and Weekends, Virtual online

Duration & Study Mode: 5 Days training & 6 months access


Course Overview

Duration & Study Mode:
Full time, Part time, Evening & Weekends, Virtual online

Duration: 5 Days training & 6 months access Including hands-on project training

Organizations that thrive in today’s diverse global environment engage in inclusion initiatives and embrace the unique needs, perspectives, and potential of all their team members, their customers, and other stakeholders.

Diverse and inclusive organizations earn greater trust and more commitment from their employees, customers, and partners. UDesign’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Essentials course is a dynamic learning experience that is a fundamental step in building a long-term commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in an organization and for leaders and individual team members. Often, people think of diversity as race or gender, but diversity encompasses many things, including race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, cultural background, language, sexual orientation, education, and ability, including physical and mental ability. It is also about how people feel when they go to work, so this course looks at diversity from all angles and how to break down destructive barriers in organizations.

The innovative design of the course helps participants build their awareness about the realities of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace so they can support the development of a more inclusive culture and become an agent of positive change. Course Description

In this engaging and application-focused learning experience participants:

  • Increase their understanding and awareness of essential and current diversity terminology and concepts.
  • Discover the personal benefits of embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion and how it benefits organizational culture, employee engagement, and the bottom line.
  • Learn to identify conscious and unconscious biases and how bias impacts personal and professional interactions.
  • Learn the common ways people can offend each other and the skills that, when applied consistently will help people feel respected and their contributions valued.
  • Explore strategies often used for managing interpersonal differences.
  • Learn the four types of discrimination in personal, social, and work environments.
  • Expand their personal point of view and increase their self-awareness.
  • Identify how to support the diversity and equity goals of the organization and contribute to an inclusive work environment.

As participants expand their self-awareness and apply the principles learned in this course, they will help the organization be a place where everyone can feel welcome, be included, and do their best work.

Our Approach

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Essentials is appropriate for professionals and leaders at all levels and in all career stages because it empowers people with the awareness and practical skills needed to build an inclusive workplace, manage diverse teams, and effectively serve diverse customers and clients. It is applicable for people in businesses, schools, individuals and other types of organizations. The program is ideal for organizations and individuals looking to build a foundation for DEI practices in the organization as well as for new employee or compliance training.

What makes UDesign’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Essentials program highly effective is that it is built around;

  • The most current thinking and terminology related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Real examples and case studies
  • Opportunities for personal reflection
  • Practical skills
  • Tools and guides
  • Simulations and exercises
  • Ongoing resources for transfer and sustainability

UDesign also offers customization services to ensure that the learning experience is tailored to the specific needs of the audience and the diversity, equity, and inclusion priorities in the organization.

Our training comprises of:

  • Hands-on practical training;
  • Live one to one zoom meeting with your trainer and mentor;
  • Gain e-work experience by working on loads of different projects to ensure you gain e-work experience;
  • Get access to thousand’s of self-paced courses;
  • Join our community with other students of your area of study;
  • Get access to teams and basecamp for your e-work training;
  • Your mentor will work with you until you are confident, or until you get a job;

Corporate Group Training

Individual Training


Small Groups

With small groups of students, our instructors can work closely with each student.

Flexible Class Schedules

Our class schedules are flexible on weekdays, weekend, or evenings to suit your schedule.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors follow a modified are personalized approach to engage students during class

Hi-Tech Lab Facilities

Our students can access our lab facilities anytime for practical experience during and after studies.

Why Choose Us?

Intensive Training

You will get up to 4 weeks of intensive training (5 days for Corporate training), to ensure you understand your subject area.

Real time project training

You will work with an industry lead instructoon real projects to ensure you get practical experience

Interview Training

If required you will have live training on getting your interview, allowing you the best chances to get a job.

Hands-on Training

We pride ourselves on providing the best hands-on approach to training. This will allow you to work with others to understand your subject area.

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