Duration & Study Mode:
Full time, Part time, Evening and Weekends, Virtual online

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Course Overview

Duration & Study Mode: Full time, Part time, Evening & Weekends, Virtual online

Duration: 5 Days training & 6 months access Including hands-on project training

Data Science Training is the most appropriate course for you if you are willing to work with data produces by the organizations and millions of users every day. This training program will let you learn about the basic of data science, required programming language like R programming and R Studio, working with Github, manipulation, analysis and cleansing of data.

Through this training program, you will also learn about the concept of Big Data, Machine Learning and the traditional uses of data Science. While working with Data Science, the training program will teach you the required topics of statistics like probability and linear regression. Data visualization is a very important topic of this training program, and you will also learn how to perform data modelling from this course, as well.


  • This course has no specific prerequisites.
  • If you are good at any high-level programming language, that will be considered as an added advantage.
  • Fundamental knowledge of computer hardware and software is a plus but not mandatory.
  • Basic knowledge of statistics is ideal but not required.

What will you gain after this course

  • You can catch the new hype of the technological trend.
  • You can widen up your job opportunities.
  • You could be considered as a recognized data Scientist.
  • You can design and develop a business model of an enterprise.

Our training comprises of:

  • Hands-on practical training;
  • Live one to one zoom meeting with your trainer and mentor;
  • Gain e-work experience by working on loads of different projects to ensure you gain e-work experience;
  • Get access to thousand’s of self-paced courses;
  • Join our community with other students of your area of study;
  • Get access to teams and basecamp for your e-work training;
  • Your mentor will work with you until you are confident, or until you get a job;


Data Science Analyst

Corporate Group Training

Individual Training


Small Groups

With small groups of students, our instructors can work closely with each student.

Flexible Class Schedules

Our class schedules are flexible on weekdays, weekend, or evenings to suit your schedule.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors follow a modified are personalized approach to engage students during class

Hi-Tech Lab Facilities

Our students can access our lab facilities anytime for practical experience during and after studies.

Why Choose Us?

Intensive Training

You will get up to 4 weeks of intensive training (5 days for Corporate training), to ensure you understand your subject area.

Real time project training

You will work with an industry lead instructoon real projects to ensure you get practical experience

Interview Training

If required you will have live training on getting your interview, allowing you the best chances to get a job.

Hands-on Training

We pride ourselves on providing the best hands-on approach to training. This will allow you to work with others to understand your subject area.

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