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Being the world’s first database designed for the cloud, the Oracle 12C database makes it very easy for users to …

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Being the world's first database designed for the cloud, the Oracle 12C database makes it very easy for users to transition to the cloud. Discover the new features provided by the Oracle 12C database and start your journey to mastering Oracle 12C database by taking this course. Prerequisite. A fast and solid internet connection, a USB stick, a PC are needed to test this out or follow along. What does this course provide? The course provides:
  •   An introduction to oracle database and servers.
  •   Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.6v server software download and installation.
  •   Putty software download and installation.
  •   VMware workstation tools download and installation.
  •   Local yum repository configuration.
  •   Prerequisite for oracle database installation.
  •   Setup of 12cr1 database software download.
  •   Oracle database 12cr1 installation.
  Who is this course for? This course is a must-watch for anyone who wants to learn how to download and install the Oracle 12C database on the Oracle enterprise Linux server.
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  • Introduction of Oracle Database and Servers 00:04:00
  • Download Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.6V software 00:07:00
  • Download and install putty software 00:06:00
  • Downloading and Installation of vmware workstation 00:13:00
  • Installation of vmware tools 00:15:00
  • Installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux-PART I 00:14:00
  • Installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux-PART II 00:07:00
  • Configure Local yum repository 00:23:00
  • Prerequisite for oracle database installation 00:16:00
  • Download setup of 12cR1 database software 00:04:00
  • Oracle database 12cR1 installation 00:28:00

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  1. 5

    the way in which course is going is good. It is easy to grab what things and telling and easy to cope up with the flow.

  2. 5

    This course is packed with information and well-organized.

  3. 5

    hi, I have got confident affter this course. really help full Beginner

  4. 5

    Excellent course on learning different types of analysis. However, theoretical part is missing.

  5. 5

    Thank you for the course

  6. 5

    Excellent course. I felt like I really learned a lot.

  7. 5

    This course is absolutely brilliant. It was worth much more than what I invested in terms of time and money.

  8. Khalisa AddlestoneApril 15, 2021 at 9:01 am


    One of the best teacher in the world.

  9. 5

    So I am super excited to complete this one and in the process get myself ready for pipelined interviews.

  10. Sebastien ObrayApril 15, 2021 at 9:01 am


    Excellent Course. Well structured, easy to follow along with excellent and thoughtful practice exercises to really improve your skill.