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The content market is a vibrant and ever-growing market that offers many opportunities to anyone who knows a thing or …

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The content market is a vibrant and ever-growing market that offers many opportunities to anyone who knows a thing or two about certain content or another. Learn a content-making skill by gaining an understanding of how to work with content. Prerequisite. None. What you’ll learn.
  •   Everything you need to know about marketing.
  •   A - Z of content marketing.
  •   The fundamentals of web design.
  •   Analysis of what a good content ideas.
  •   Wll you need to know about copywriting.
  •   Types of content.
  •   What repurposing entails.
  •   An overview of Search Engine Optimization.
  •   Why promotion is essential.
  •   Email listing - an essential for your content marketing strategy.
  •   An intro to external marketing channels.
  •   Measuring results - the importance of data. Who is this course for? This course is recommended for individuals interest in making passive income.
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Course Currilcum

  • Welcome To The Course! 00:06:00
  • [Marketing] What Is Marketing? 00:03:00
  • [Marketing] How Marketing Has (And Hasn’t) Changed 00:02:00
  • [Marketing] Understanding the Cognitive Buying Journey (And Funnels!) 00:03:00
  • [Marketing] A Word Of Warning 00:00:00
  • [Content Marketing] What Is Content Marketing 00:03:00
  • [Content Marketing] Defining Your Goals 00:02:00
  • [Content Marketing] The Importance Of Storytelling How To Tell Compelling Stories 00:06:00
  • [Content Marketing] How To Create Detailed Buyer Personas 00:04:00
  • [Web Design] Why Good Design Matters 00:02:00
  • [Web Design] The Importance Of Responsive Design 00:02:00
  • [Web Design] How Minimizing Your Design Can Maximize Your Results 00:02:00
  • [Web Design] Why You Should Be Using Landing Pages (And When) 00:02:00
  • [Web Design] Baking Social Proof Into Your Site 00:01:00
  • [Web Design] Planning For Edge Cases 00:00:00
  • [Web Design] Why I Recommend Using WordPress 00:02:00
  • [Content Ideas] The Importance Of A Reliable Ideation System 00:00:00
  • [Content Ideas] Creation Begins With Consumption 00:02:00
  • [Content Ideas] Conducting A Brain Dump 00:01:00
  • [Content Ideas] The #1 Tool For Content Research And Competitive Analysis 00:02:00
  • [Content Ideas] Questions Straight From Your Target Audience 00:01:00
  • [Content Ideas] Eavesdropping On Niche Communities 00:02:00
  • [Content Ideas] How Your Existing Audience And Content Can Help You Generate New Ideas 00:01:00
  • [Copywriting] The Importance Of Effective Writing 00:02:00
  • [Copywriting] How To Write Perfect Headlines 00:03:00
  • [Copywriting] Matching Your Audience’s Tone & Vocabulary 00:01:00
  • [Copywriting] Maintaining Focus With Your Content 00:01:00
  • [Copywriting] How To Write A Call-To-Action 00:03:00
  • [Copywriting] How Grammatical Errors Can Cripple Your Marketing Efforts 00:02:00
  • [Copywriting] How To Become A Better Writer 00:07:00
  • [Types Of Content] Content Types Intro 00:00:00
  • [Types Of Content] How To Create Epic List Content 00:02:00
  • [Types Of Content] Teaching Your Audience With Tutorials 00:02:00
  • [Types Of Content] Two Approaches To Q&A Content 00:02:00
  • [Types Of Content] Interviews & Profiles 00:02:00
  • [Types Of Content] Combining A List With A Roundup 00:02:00
  • [Types Of Content] How To Create Valuable Reviews & Comparisons 00:02:00
  • [Types Of Content] Working News Into Your Content Strategy 00:01:00
  • [Types Of Content] Creating Valuable Roundups & Resource Lists 00:01:00
  • [Types Of Content] Thought, Opinion, & Controversy 00:01:00
  • [Types Of Content] Stories As A Content Format 00:02:00
  • [Types Of Content] Statistics & Original Research 00:01:00
  • [Types Of Content] Presenting Complex Data For Visual Learners 00:01:00
  • [Types Of Content] How To Write A Case Study That Turns Readers Into Buyers 00:03:00
  • [Repurposing] Content Formats 00:02:00
  • [Repurposing] How To Generate An Endless Stream Of Fresh Content 00:01:00
  • [Repurposing] Watch Me Turn One Video Interview Into More Than A Dozen Pieces Of Content 00:04:00
  • [SEO] A Brief Introduction To SEO 00:03:00
  • [SEO] Understanding Search Engines 00:03:00
  • [SEO] Basic Site Setup For SEO 00:03:00
  • [SEO] Titles & Meta Descriptions 00:03:00
  • [SEO] How To Select The Right Keywords And Create High-Ranking Content On Any Topic 00:05:00
  • [SEO] Does Keyword Density Matter 00:01:00
  • [SEO] Internal Links 00:02:00
  • [SEO] Image Optimization 00:01:00
  • [Promotion] Why Promotion Is Important 00:01:00
  • [Promotion] Strategic Collaboration 00:02:00
  • [Promotion] A Simple Way To Get Leading Influencers To Share Your Content 00:01:00
  • [Promotion] Teasing Your Content On Social Media 00:01:00
  • [Promotion] How To Get Your Content Featured In Popular Resource Lists 00:01:00
  • [Promotion] Don’t Neglect This Free Source Of On-Demand Traffic 00:01:00
  • [Promotion] How To Promote Your Content In Groups & Niche Communities (Without Being Spammy) 00:03:00
  • [Promotion] An Extremely Effective Way To Significantly Grow Your Audience Overnight 00:04:00
  • [Email] Why An Email List Is Essential For Your Content Marketing Strategy 00:03:00
  • [Email] How To Entice People To Opt In To Your List 00:06:00
  • [Email] Standard Opt-In Forms 00:02:00
  • [Email] High-Profile Opt-In Forms 00:02:00
  • [Email] How To Turn Commenters Into Subscribers 00:00:00
  • [Email] A Counterintuitive Strategy To Increase Your Conversions 00:01:00
  • [Email] Using Social Proof To Grow Your Email List 00:01:00
  • [Email] Nurturing Your List The Key To Maintaining Relationships Over Time 00:04:00
  • [External Channels] External Marketing Channels Intro 00:03:00
  • [External Channels] Facebook Pages & Ads 00:04:00
  • [External Channels] The Perfect Facebook Ad Funnel (For Leads) 00:02:00
  • [External Channels] Facebook Groups 00:04:00
  • [External Channels] Marketing On Twitter 00:03:00
  • [External Channels] Marketing On Instagram 00:05:00
  • [Measuring Results] The Importance Of Data 00:00:00
  • [Measuring Results] Which Data Should You Be Monitoring 00:02:00
  • [Measuring Results] Moving Forward What To Do With Your Data 00:01:00
  • The Next Steps 00:00:00

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  1. Faolan SnowlingMarch 22, 2021 at 4:03 pm


    So far Im enjoying the course

  2. 5

    The topics were delivered well and quite interesting but remember that this is only the first step in the endless journey

  3. 5

    The quality of the video was pretty awesome it made following the course easier.

  4. 5

    really enjoying the class, very clear instructions, good pace.

  5. 5

    course was very good.I got to know so many good points during the course

  6. 5

    This was a very great course I learned alot from you. You were a great teacher. The practices were great.

  7. 5

    Great overall course. Recommend to anyone. Very useful for sure.

  8. 5

    This course is a gold mine of knowledge. It’s eye-opening! So many tricks I have never seen before that I’m not sure I will even be able to use them all for any project

  9. 5

    Don’t go anywhere ….This course has all the elements need to grow ones knowledge

  10. Buiron HoulisonMarch 22, 2021 at 4:02 pm


    Excellent course. I felt like I really learned a lot, and I love how the teacher instructed on the course