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Being a photographer is about more than just being able to push the shutter down. A photographer has to be …

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Being a photographer is about more than just being able to push the shutter down. A photographer has to be able to make his clients feel comfortable while still doing his job. People's skills are essential, and they need to be appropriate with the situation of the shoot. Being a photographer requires the skill and talent to take beautiful, exciting, attention-grabbing pictures. It is an art and a business all in one. Architecture photography (also referred to as building photography or structure photography) generally means photography that focuses on buildings. It can include shooting building exteriors and interiors and bridges, other structures, and cityscape. This course allows us to review the skills required for an architectural photographer. Prerequisite. None. What does this course provide?
  •   An overview of architecture photography.
  •   Obtaining a visual understanding of buildings.
  •   Creating a valuable resource.
  •   Expanding architectural vocabulary. Who is this course for? This course is recommended for individuals who want to master the act of capturing amazing architectural pictures for references.
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    Great course and in-depth explanations

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    Dear sir,thankyou for this wonderful lesson.i have gained enough knowledge to improve my confidence. God bless you.

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    Such a great experience in your class.

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    it has been perfect.

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    I found this course very well structured. Demo Projects gave good insights Definitely 5/5 ratings from my side.

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    Enjoyed the lesson

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    Comprehensive outlines of the course. Really enjoyed it, thank you

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    The instructor is very clear and the course itself is easy to understand and follow. I’ve really learned a lot. Thank you.

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    The course was very good. It is very useful for the beginners and advanced.

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    Thank you really helpful materials

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    Really informative.